Mount Kenya

In this arid zone the integration of wildlife and livestock production and the associated pasture/range management is well developed. Some of the conservancies in this zone are home to the endangered black/white rhino. This system of production has resulted in an increase in the wildlife numbers without compromising livestock production.

Cattle and wildlife grazing in Mount Kenya region


a) Illingwesi community ranch

This is community ranch that is employing improved range management techniques including holistic pasture management and is integrating this vertically. The community has set aside part of the land where improved pasture/range management practices are employed. This includes reseeding and rehabilitating degraded areas. The pastoralists produce yearlings that are then moved to the improved pasture area for finishing and marketing. This has increased the income the pastoralists receive for their livestock. This ranch is being used to test some of the management practices that will lead to ending drought emergencies in the greater horn of Africa.

b) Mpala Research Facility

The research facility work resonates around resource use and conservation in the rangelands. The researchers at the facility can present or facilitate discussions on rangeland vegetation and animals’ species dynamics, wildlife and vegetation diversity and efforts towards restoration of degradation. The facility also offers morning and evening game drives. Apart for the Rhino, the Lion, Elephant, Giraffe and Buffalo among other wild animals are present. The conservancy also is host to ancient caves with historic wall writings.