Kenya has one of the most developed smallholder dairy systems in the world. There are about 1 million smallholder dairy farmers in Kenya. In the central part of the country the zero-grazing production system is practiced. The dairy farmers depend on fodder crops (Napier grass) and crop residues. This system is well supported by research both by the National Agricultural Research System (NARS) and the International Research Centres (IRCs).

a) Bio-science Eastern and Central Africa (BeCAILRI hub)

The BeCA-ILRI hub supports biotechnology work and provides the state of the art facilities for scientists in the region. The group will visit the Bracharia grass research work going on in the BeCA-ILRI hub. The delegates will visit a smallholder dairy farmer with Napier grass as the main fodder

b) Smallholder dairy farmers including integration

A dairy cooperative will be visited to see their integration of fodder production, milk production and marketing. The delegates will visit smallholder farmers who are members of the dairy cooperative; and households in commercial fodder production.