This region will take the participants across the expansive Acacia Savanna of Athi plans (South West of Nairobi) and observe the threat to the grassland/rangeland and livestock production occasioned by real estate development.

The tours will include

a) Alternative grassland/rangeland production

The group will visit a Maasai pastoralist to appreciate range management under traditional systems and ventures into alternative livelihoods like Ostrich farming and agro-tourism.

b) Kekenyoike pasture production and slaughter house (green production)

The group will visit a Maasai clan that has integrated pasture production, beef production and marketing. The group runs a slaughter house which uses green energy and are now packing and retailing biogas from the slaughter waste.

c) Largescale commercial beef (cow/suckler), group ranches/smallholder dairy (agropastoral system and alternative range/grassland production.

In this semi-arid area the management of natural grassland to produce meat and milk will be demonstrated.

This group will also visit a group ranch so that they can contrast the pasture management between a private commercial and community managed rangelands.

d) KALRO pasture research and smallholder dairy production

The participants will interact with scientists undertaking research on Bracharia grass and its support to smallholder dairy farms; visit smallholder dairy farm supplying improved genetic material to farmers; research work on range grasses and seed production systems.