Mid-Congress tours

The mid-congress tours are designed to give the participants an overview of the grasslands/rangelands in Kenya and also meet and interact with the people who depend on the grasslands/rangelands for their livelihoods.


This route will take participants through the scenic Great Rift Valley view points and a number of Rift Valley lakes. Some of the potential areas of visit include:

a) Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Centre (KALRO) – Dairy Research Institute

Areas of interest will include: – show case research-development linkages with small scale farmers; Sahiwal livestock breeding program; indigenous chicken breeding program; tour laboratory facilities

b) Commercial beef/dairy ranching and wildlife conservancy

The participants will visit a large commercial beef/dairy farm which also produces grass and Lucerne/alfalfa hay. The hay is sold to the smallholder dairy farmers in central Kenya.

The participants will also visit a wildlife conservancy where beef animals are managed together with wildlife.

c) Largescale commercial dairy farm and pasture/fodder research in the Nakuru region

Participants will visit a large scale commercial dairy farm in Nakuru. This farm is a source of improved dairy genetics for many smallholder dairy farms in Kenya. Improved pastures based on Rhodes Grass are key on this farm.

d) Extensive livestock-wheat growing transition zone

The participants will visit some of the pastoral households that are transitioning into commercial farming – mainly wheat.

e) Visit KALRO Lanet Research Centre

Participants will appreciate the pasture fodder research work carried out KALRO and the improvement and utilization of the Boran breed for beef production.