Kenya is generally sunny, dry and not too hot for most of the year although the weather conditions vary considerably from one part of the country to the other. Central Kenya is situated on a plateau and the altitude keeps the heat index at a comfortable level. The coastal areas are hotter and humid, but the ocean breeze also makes that region (Mombasa, Lamu and Malindi) fairly comfortable for most of the year.

Though lying on the equator, Mount Kenya the second highest mountain in Africa and is high enough to have permanent snow. Western Kenya is generally hot and humid while Northern Kenya is generally hot and dry. The main rainy seasons are from March to May and November to December.

Nairobi (where the Joint International Grassland and Rangeland Congress will be held) is situated in the Central Highlands of Kenya at an altitude of about 1680m above sea level and enjoys very favourable climate for most of the year with temperatures averaging between 50 and 82 Fahrenheit (10 and 28 Celsius). There are two rainy seasons, the first is from March to the end of May and the second shorter season runs from October to the end of November. The sunniest time of the year is December to March.